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Features Of Your Free Planning Account

More Features Of Your Free Planning Account

Automate budgeting with an easy to use tool

  • Aggregate accounts from over 8,000 financial institutions
  • Automated expense categorization
  • Create and monitor cash flows with ease
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Escape debts sooner using the debt analyzer

  • Compare different payoff plans
  • Dial the debt payment up and down
  • Quantify the impact of different debt pay-off strategies
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Create a robust retirement plan using advanced Monte Carlo simulations

  • Switch between cash flow and goal based planning
  • Build in stress tests and what-ifs
  • Customize your own return assumptions
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Manage tax liability with detailed tax estimate

  • Detailed 1040 projection including Schedules A, B, and D
  • Show AMT calculation, taxable Social Security, rental property, and more
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Optimize Social Security

  • Calculate the PIA including delay credits, early penalties, and inflation adjustment
  • Includes retirement, spousal, survivor, and child benefits
  • Reflects the annual earnings test, family max adjustment, and government pension offsets
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Work with Annuities with guarantees

  • Illustrate fixed, indexed, and variable annuities
  • Reflect annuitization or lifetime income benefits
  • Highlight the value of an annuity using customized up, down, and volatile market scenarios
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