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<strong>Global View Capital provides a free third-party Insurance Audit&#160;</strong>

Global View Capital provides a free third-party Insurance Audit 

  • An Audit brings clarity to existing policies through a consultative life insurance portfolio analysis
  • Our clients become empowered to reaffirm, modify or adjust their existing coverage
  • An Insurance Audit demonstrates that we’re looking out for your best interests as fiduciarys
<strong>You've changed, has your coverage?</strong>

You've changed, has your coverage?

Life changes. Constantly. Take a step back and examine your current financial situation. Does the life insurance coverage you purchased years ago meet your current needs? Your permanent life insurance policy could be one of the most valuable assets you own. When you purchased it, you probably made assumptions about your future. Those assumptions may have changed.

Now you can be confident your policy is performing to its full potential with a comprehensive Life Insurance Audit. No matter the results, we’re helping you proceed with confidence and building a stronger relationships in the process.

<strong>Life insurance isn't for the dead. It's for the living</strong>

Life insurance isn't for the dead. It's for the living

  • With Life insurance someone will ultimately receive a benefit
  • Your Life Insurance investment isn't a back-up plan ... it's a definite plan.
  • Life Insurance can provide Cash Accumulation, Income Tax Benefits and also Estate Planning Benefits
<strong>Annuities may help preparing for increased life&#160;</strong><b>expectancy</b>

Annuities may help preparing for increased life expectancy

  • Longevity risk must be addressed as part of any financial plan
  • Annuity solutions may be uniquely positioned to address longevity risk.
  • Individuals should think about, plan for and enjoy retirement
<strong>A disability can change everything, for you and those who depend on your income.&#160;</strong>

A disability can change everything, for you and those who depend on your income. 

  • Disability insurance can help replace your income when you can't work
  • We’re here to help provide more than illustrations
  • We provide answers to your questions and solutions to your Disability Insurance needs
<strong>Long Term Care</strong>

Long Term Care

  • You don’t need to navigate long-term care planning alone
  • We provide clarity on a confusing topic
  • We bring answers
  • We make it simple

And much more!

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